Why does todays Church spend all there time listening to someone else tell
them what God is doing? ( This is like a Bride asking someone else, what
her Husband wants to tell her?)

Why arn’t you spending your time listening to what God wants to tell you?
It is irrelevant what God is telling someone else, since it could only be
relevant if God told it to you, or was Confirming something he has
already told  you/

We are all Growing Spiritually on different levels. You can’t Grow on
someone else’s Revelation.You have to have one of your own. Get a
Life, Stop listening to others and find out what God wants to show you.

Most of what I hear being taught today can not Profit you after you have
heard it. It may sound good, interesting etc, but It becomes useless INFO,
that has know application for your life. It will not Produce the Mind of
Christ in your Life.

You can not Grow his Mind listening to what someone else learned from
their study/Fruit can only be Produced from you Studying one on one,
with Jesus.

So the Church is going in circles, listening to someone else give them
direction’s. They have No Compass of their own, they are relying on
someone else for direction. Get your own compass and get your own
path. Stop following  someone else.

Stop making Belief Systems out of the teachings of others, Stop with
making BS all together and just BE the CHURCH/



Produce something you have Conceived, from being in the Word/
Stop Piggy Backing on someone else’s Mind of Christ connection,
and get your own. God is able to speak to you in person. He is able
to tell you personally what he wants you to Conceive and Birth
into your own Life.

The Holy Spirit will over shadow you and impart the Incorruptible
seed within you, that will Grow and Produce the Fruit you are to
partaking of.
Conceive and bear your own Fruit. Stop picking the Fruit from
someone else’s Tree. Grow your own Vineyard, by being connected
to the Vine that can  Produce its own Fruit.

Ms Terry Mosley